Act II

Scene: a rocky villa on the Côte d'Azur, a blemish on the hills overlooking the Mediterranean, done in Palladian style, resembling in the interior a Renaissance theater of memory, its grande salle bedecked with tiers of highly-ornamented portals, trellises, archways and pediments. Enter Armand.

Allowable Entrance 1: (its voice speaks from a doorway, as do all the others) Be kind, and peaceful nature doth all and kind sundry natures.

A.E. 2: (The voice speaks from another doorway.)  The elements are restless, from nature. They are taken bound, dragged alive from out the dragged pits, wherein they live.

A.E. 3: (as before.)  The semblances of all the seasons, whithersoever they comest, are bound in all the morocco leather in all the sands of the sea, horn-locked and sweltering in the heat of the midsummer afternoon.

A.E. 4: (as before.)  The allowable entrances are their gift, whereby the soul atomized to particles of dust, must enter. In upon by which the soul must enter, or which the soul must entered by. The must of which you speak by yours only is that which unfeelingly that guides unfeelingly; to all that guides unflinchingly. I must inform you only that which you inform you only must perforce perform.

A.E. 5: The record of which speaks for itself. Dominate, perforce myself in straits.

A.E. 6: The time is myself, dominatrix. I can no longer abide myself no longer. The abide myself occupies no longer myself recognizes.

A.E. 7: Ipse dixit. The myself no longer recognizes the absence of myself, no longer recognizes the absence of myself, no longer recognizes the absence of myself.

A.E. 8: Ipse dixit. No longer referential absence myself has conquered, the time has come, the conquered has myself to delivered be has myself to have delivered has myself to has been delivered myself.

A.E. 6:  The time has come.  To defend myself, the weapons are myself delivered, all the weapons are to have refreshed myself.  Une salle de bain.

A.E. 9:  The weapons are succored, after having been conquered.  Accursed, have myself been surprised, have myself to have been surprised myself.

A.E. 10:  The weapons, in the act of cognition, are to have been defending myself, or to have been myself defending.  (pause)  But so to have been, myself defending is to have particularized the unwholesome decaying fruit of the vine-leaves enwrapped in the caterpillar; in the leaves...

A.E. 11:  In the fruit of the vine of the unwholesome fruit of the caterpillar, the unwholesome fruit of the leaves are taking firstfruits of the vine, are leave-taking of the first few leaves and fruit of the vine.

A.E. 12:  So much for that as at first.  First sight of the promised land as at first the personal sight.  The rare vistas, the magnitude of the solitary vistas, as at first right made to any order of potential sights, of many vistas, as of many potential sights or vistas, much-prolonged over many vistas, or many sights prolongated to command many vistas, as many as at first thy sight of many vistas as at many this day, as this many prolonged many sights or are many sights or are many sights or vistas she'd like that, many sights.

Armand:  (menacing.)  She?  The many sights, or are many sights and vistas, or are many magnitudes of such merry notes as much as to any say as much?  Wherefore, as any say as much?

A.E. 13:  Say as much, the any wisdom thou haveth, is to have any cognizance, of any wisdom concerning the lady wisdom, concerning her doth all the concerning end, all doth the consternation end, all doth the wisdom of any all the concerning doth end.

Armand:  Say all that, to whither end?  All say that whither end say that, to end whither a bounce concerning whithersoever to say end all over which concerning all say over which end say concerning say which?  End say all over, the which concerning the say all we over say which concerning the all which say over the say which concerning all the say over which the end say shall over which concerning all over the end say which over the say end over all the say which say concerning all over.  Say the end which say end all over, the which say concerning all over the say which ever concerning the say which over the concerning say which over the say exceeding the other say exceeding the other say exceeding the other say which exceeding the other say which exceeding say which say other exceeding in all probability in the futures markets in all likelihood the probability of say any which say any exceeding the say any which so probably exceeded any which so probably annealed by any which so probably annulled leads inescapably to home run all the bases covered.  Quod erat demonstrandum, what if he's a martini drinker, and can't stand his olives?  Say the end he's alive, and my even say well, to say even well describes upon spat and like even say like say well, to the spat-upon say even upon the down-end down say even under the down and ever down up say ever trodden upon say trodded up say ever down say ever down upon say ever down upon say down-trodded say even upon down upon likes of thee down upon the likes of you down upon the likes of me down with thou upon which under say the likes of me down under which say the likes of me say down upon the which upon you like down say which down thou likes of me thou say the likes of me say down upon the likes of me say which upon me the likes of thou art me the likes of thou art me thou likes me the art of me likes thou me art thou are the likes of me are which upon the me are the likes are you upon me are you the likes of are the which are upon me are the likes of are say much are the likes of you say upon which? Say are, the likes of you say are the likes of my say are the likes of you say are which upon my soul I spat upon and cursed, and say which upon are my soul sat stay cursed and which stay upon me cursed and stay the likes upon me which are thou?  Likes of me say which are the likes of me, anyhow?  I am the butt of a long string of jokes.  Say me, are thou, are all like that?  Say me like may all that?  Speak, say some memories forebodings an overly trivial disaster of which are any say unprepared.  How any say are which say any are that, any say which?  If any, any say all that which confideth in any say which if any which to be say any whichsoevereth so if ever any say whichsoevereth say any which.  Say if any ever which say any ever which say if any ever which if any say about which if I can say ever which if ever can say which never can say if ever can which can never say.

A.E. 2:  Which can never say can ever say which can say ever can say which can ever say which.

Armand:  Terminate the say which, can say ever the say which can say ever the say never which can say ever.

A.E. 3:  Frustrate the say never which can say never the which can say never can say again.

A.E. 4:  Can say never can say which never again.

A.E. 5:  Can be definitely never again.  Or so be it decidedly again.

Armand:  Or the which, never again?

A.E. 6:  Somnolently, if never so again, so if never again so if decidedly again.  So again never if decidedly again never so.

Armand:  If to see again were to be decidedly so, so if decidedly so against myself to see if myself against so myself.

A.E. 1:  That so depends, that so if myself in memory depends, on me myself in memory depends largely on in my in largely myself in memory.

A.E. 11:  Accomplished in myself, in hearing within myself memory made itself to withstand the memory within itself, the all memory within itself must stand largely within itself.

A.E. 12:  Largely within itself to stand within our memory it stands outside itself.  Within memory of itself, or betokens memory.

A.E. 5:  With last betimes of memory, of itself broken remains of memory, if theater reigns supreme, of broken memory.  As of wheaten bread. And moons of gall, as of remains within myself, silently reigns supreme.

Armand:  If surprised, it tokens of memory betimes surprised of memory within myself it within remains myself, no other remains withered remains beside other than myself.  Than within the other myself the recipe remains distinct is other clear by my own instinct.

A.E. 5:  Disciples stand otherwhere by my own instinctually beside my own itself distractedly, if at times other beside myself.

Armand:  The multiples of my own instinct myriads of my own distractedly in these my own times, other where beside myself to be again, were myself to be again.

A.E. 6:  Remain distractedly myself.  Never again to be doubted.  Again myself.

Armand:  As though again to be myself.  Never again as thou be again fresh in my memory, begin again in my fresh back memory back memory back again beside before much again betokeneth memory again much beside myself, be glad again.

A.E. 7:  Plinth the streamlet, why be let ho my memory again, be beside myself again so yet my much memory again so beside myself never again so much myself so never so again so much myself again so never such again be myself never such.

Armand:  My memory again so much myself so much be never so again.

A.E. 8:  And then so yet, be again.

Armand:  So never be much again.

A.E. 8:  Yet much be again quick.

Armand:  So never again be much again quick.  As quickly as must ever again be quietly, be much again as ever be quicker, as doth ever again be ever blacken as doth ever.

A.E. 9:  Simplest as doth ever blacken as doth ever, as doth ever.

A.E. 10:  Memory schooleth ever, as many do ever, as even many do ever, as many memory do ever, as do many in memory doeth ever.

A.E. 11:  As liveth even in earth ever, as do in earth in memory do ever, in cattle, in air, in earth, in memory, of the earth's water in living memory.

A.E. 12:  Springeth in living memory, superinduceth in the springs of living earth memory, as in the superinduceth superaddeth of the living memory in brain cells of the living in here, in the living man, here in the brain cells.

A.E. 13:  I, then, who having superinduceth the living who memory having brain cells of who having trunk of living memory of the tree of life sorely missed in these days of living matter in these days of dry arid haphazard brain cells recollect and having recollected and having missed dry cells and haphazardly misderiving haphazard dry brain cells summon up to the leisure of the court dry brain cells in the most haphazard the most dry brain cells in the most haphazard dry brain cells the moist dry brain cells hot warm dry moist brain cells as it were most dry brain cells the hot wet moist dry brain cells in the world I summon dry to the bone of the world's summoning up the courts of the world's dry courts in the ambition dry up the country roads the wooded parks the country-lanes the three-lane highways the six-lane superhighways the glassy wooded park lane superhighways surrounded by the park highways overlooking the surrounded park the overlooked lake the subgrounded alongside the lake the subscription drive to fulfill down the lake above upside down the volcanic down the lake arid dry subsidies of the bound in perdition on whom the dry latter rain the dry latter subsides rain down the arid dry subsides abates the down dry subsidies the latter drake dry down the latter subsidies down the volcanic rock the down subsides the upcountry lane subsidies the down upcountry picturesque lanes in suburb towns subsides leaving in every aeroplane a feeling under in even cessation as of never feeling in never under centuries of never falling down under in never down falling in under centuries of never feeling in never centuries the never falling down under in the never down falling under the new centuries the newer down under the never down falling under the down never failing the down under never the falling down under the new centuries the never falling down of the newer falling down under the new centuries falling  down the under down new centuries the falling down under the new centuries the under down the new centuries the fallen earth the new subsidies the quickened earth the new earth the quickening subsidies the new earth and the next new earth and next the new earth another next new earth and still another new earth and still next new another the earth and still another and next new subsidies and the moth new earth and the next flame subsidies and the farm new earth and the new flame new earth and the never flame earth and never flame earth never subsidies and never falling down under ever falling down under the spell breaking down the under down the spell reviving the eiderdown quilts and the duckdown sleeping bags and the comforters and down the wheelbarrow of history they all go.  Do you see the beauty of history?

A.E. 5:  For if all the same down under the crushing wheel of life's flame or history's wheelbarrow.

A.E. 11:  Then the same whatever down the same lane do whatever they will.

A.E. 13:  And so, we will have it so, and what they will.

A.E. 14:  Black flame, putrescent or giving no new light, what is it, do have new matter?  No new matter.

Armand:  And memory, if ever new.

A.E. 12:  And do serve, ever new and better.

A.E. 15:  So what more do we ask?  We knew better, so do we, know ask any better?

Armand:  Subtler, ask each new any better.

A.E. 13:  Elemental syntax, ask each any better new, each any better? Simply ask such now, and receive any answer.

Armand:  The aliquots of any atmospheric new experience.

A.E. 14:  Consumed in the pyre.

Armand:  Of God's love of the righteous in new experience.

A.E. 17:  Of the new death, in the new experience, as of down the Moloch maw drawing near the drawing near the scarlet tooth drawing the flame near.

Armand:  The flame of love, of the burning heart, nearer the ever new endurance.

A.E. 18:  Of death.  Of the ever new death of fire.  Of the never repentance, of the never dying sum of substance, of the never quick, drying the sum of birdlime on their tails in the sublime sun.

Armand:  Ash of the ever new phoenix.  Dying under the ever new embers. Of the ever new during the drying ever new phoenix.

A.E. 9:  Ask of me such new questions, ask of ever me much new questions.

Armand:  No such questions.

A.E. 10:  Ask of me such new questions.  I can find really new such questions?

A.E. 11:  Did you bard such new questions?  Are any really such any really new, such any questions, are any really any such, any questions?

Armand:  Do any ever?  Or such is my questions.

A.E. 12:  Do you any?  Do you ever any such?  Do you ever such questions, do any ever, do such any questions exist?

Armand:  And what do you expect?  I'm waiting for an answer.

A.E. 13:  I believe, and am waiting for an answer.

Armand:  Do any ever?  Yes, believe, and do any exist?  Ever, and do any believe, exist, ever do any better such than any do any better than any such.

A.E. 14:  Bravo, and then any search?

A.E. 15:  And find?  And search even under the find?

Armand:  Under the new ever-wearing the new under the new under earth the new the down cellar the under doth the new under the cellar down the new underground the new carpet flying the down under the new carapace the never flying the down under the new carpet down under marketplace of flying down under the marketplace of under flying down the lots are never down the never under down the marketplace scattering down the under militia is under down the cellar marketplace down the someplace down the somewhere something down the hole somewhere down the place show some more contempt the never some place or never other is never showplace I'm scouring cleansing never other the showtime newer other than never cleansing anytime someplace any other than cleansing some time any other place than bonewhite at any time fresh as any daisy yes as any daisy wherein any raindrops rainbowed rainbowed disappear, as any having been disappeared, as having been any have after any disappeared.

A.E. 12:  Utilize them, as every item every heavy extra item as having any extra idea very assailed, next every item as after during or next every during next after during is very next during idea next assailed the very next during the idea and so very next during the disappointment assailed by the very next during the very same idea.

Armand:  As after the same during the same.

A.E. 12:  Revelation during the never same, as of never constant light burning.

A.E. 15:  As of man's nature revealed, never burning, and have ever beheld, and ever revealed.  As have never the same, contempt and never burning.

Armand:  The roast of watcheth never been contempt, of contendeth and watching never been and never shall have been and never such any been is well-meaning any such other been such any beneath contempt any such beneath ever any such contempt.

A.E. 15:  Grief, any such important news, is very indeed, such is any very such important, as much is as very important, the inspiration of any such moment, is as very sculpture promulgated, personified is as very important as any such indeed.

A.E. 14:  Annulled, and the mind wasting, as any such, indeed.

Armand:  Avast ye, indeed ye are the men, who are ye, indeed ye are gifts to all the people.

A.E. 1:  Allowable entrances, we are the ruminations of all we are.

Armand:  The stones are we silent.  Open we are be never silent.

A.E. 2:  I can now ope we are be in never silent can be.

Armand:  A-ha!  I can never be silent.  Speak ye, can about this can never be about this.

A.E. 2:  Explode, this about never this.

Armand:  So I have done.  Where is Alphonse?  Where is Vivienne, my strumpet?

A.E. 3:  Gone gay, my strumpet's gone to lay in my strumpet's bed.

Armand:  And there’s a lie, a lay in my strumpet's bed.

A.E. 5:  I'm gone, and in my bed you'll find in my strumpet's bed.

A.E. 4:  A lay, and in my gone's in my strumpet's bed.

Armand:  To marry her, and in my bed I'll find her, and ravish my queen's contours.

A.E. 4:  And in my bed, my pee-wee powwow will in my bed prove most magniloquent.

A.E. 5:  Will have ever any finding so very ancient very monastic yet very grandiloquent a very tome?

Armand:  It openeth, yea and it very openeth sometime, and it very openeth and very sometimes and very quickly, and very sometimes, and is a pool of very suckable titties wherein I'll find it very quickly.

A.E. 5:  And betimes, proudly and too in vain, probably.

Armand:  I'll remember, and brightly very morning star, and very son of morning and of very star of morning every hath morning star of every hath morning star of life.

(a voice) of horror and terror:  See here, every morning star for life every morning star hath for every life for ever mourning and inhibition, allowable excesses of every kind and such luxuries as are every necessary are unavailable and in every any necessity.

Armand:  Prolongations in every community extendeth.

A.E. 4:  Redeem, and then utilize them.

(a voice) of horror and terror:  Debilitating, be it under them and above them and winking all about them.

Armand:  As all about up then, as if any all then, as if any all up then.

A.E. 4:  So if any all up then, so then if any doubt.

Armand:  So if all up then.

A.E. 5:  Soften the up blow dealt, then up down any like mistake.

Armand:  Charred, up any down like mistake as if any doubt, past mistaken.

A.E.'s:  Charred and ever mistaken, any very good are very mistaken.

Armand:  And is every mistaken, if is any very mistaken, then any very doubt is if any very mistaken.


(slow curtain.)