Some California Impressionists


George Stern Fine Arts


Guy Rose
Carmel Valley
oil on canvas
21 x 24 inches
c. 1918


William Wendt
Cahuenga Pass
oil on canvas
18 x 24 inches
c. 1912


What is it you want to consider about my views (or anyone’s) of Jean Mannheim, an elegant painter of a sumptuous self-portrait (In My Studio) and a Palm Springs Desert Scene, if not to wonder as the intellectuals did for so long about Mary Cassatt, what this person meant to be doing in this place?


Millard Sheets takes your Romantic Coast (Palos Verdes) and makes a painting of it. What more could he do? Maurice Braun puts together a California Landscape or Mission Valley or Bay Vista, suddenly imprecise to you in the scheme of things?


William Wendt painted the Cahuenga Pass in oil on canvas around 1912. It’s ocherous and kelly and sand, not the sad maybe you usually dose yourself with in passing, but the real look you douse yourself with when you’re there.


The Romantic painters meet the Impressionists as at a Salon in W.F. Jackson. Clarence Hinkle’s Beach Scene, Laguna is pinks, aqua and lime. And then you go buy Carmel Valley of around 1918 by Guy Rose. These men could paint.



Millard Sheets
Romantic Coast
oil on canvas
32 x 36 inches


Maurice Braun
Bay Vista
oil on canvas
16 x 20 inches


Clarence Hinkle
Beach Scene, Laguna
oil on canvas
18 x 22 inches