Oskar Fischinger II

Motion Paintings
Jack Rutberg Fine Arts

Oskar Fischinger
Red + Green Concentric
oil on canvas board
25 X 30 inches


It seems impossible, with this exhibition, any longer to miss the painter’s genius... and for a very simple reason. All you have to do is step back from his paintings five or ten feet (it varies) until the correct viewing distance is reached. Fischinger is an artist who above all understands optics, the flat brushstrokes and diminutive tones suddenly flare out into the incandescence of Outward Movement (1948), or a spatial distribution of circles (modulations of red or green) loses its galactic formulation and becomes a proper constellation (Red + Green Concentric, 1952).

Oskar Fischinger
Linear Squares
oil on canvas
24 x 30 inches


Linear Squares (1961) exhibits the complex modulations achieved with careful and precise (and offhand-looking) technique. And there is a construction called Stereo Film, an acrylic plane suspended over a painted board, with a third-dimension effect in the abstract dispensation of compositional elements—not only by dint of the two planes, but because the visual field is divided for binocular viewing.


Oskar Fischinger
Flying Time Presence 
oil on board
14 x 18 inches


Such an artist, whose painted-glass film Motion Painting No. 1 (1947) can be seen, appreciates a subtle joke like Flying Time Presence (1949), in which the forms and lines suggest a maypole and festoons, a ball and paper airplanes, among other things.

Oskar Fischinger
Small Wave
oil on wood panel
7⅝ x 8 inches

There is a whole roomful of pieces appertaining to the film Quadrate (1934), squares of red, yellow, blue, green, disposed in countless formats. And there is the Small Wave (1940).