Tous bouquets

Robert Rauschenberg, paintings 1995-2001
Griffin Gallery, Santa Monica

Page 68, Paragraph 8 (Short Stories) is an evocation of Ganymede, or of wine. A waiter, a garçon, the grape, the nuances of red.

Hydrangea (Waterworks) is related to Polanski’s Tess, in a way. Bags of blue, sacks of water, a scale.

Untitled (Waterworks) is another kind of evocation, traffic bars, driver, something about hydraulics.

Robert Rauschenberg
Untitled (Waterworks)

There is a curious representation here of an idea from Kienholz, his famous ideation of a recumbent man. Rauschenberg withdraws from this, by dint of his nebulosity in the application of these inks, the notion of a thing pictured (a chicken, say) and its ideal, L’Absente...

Many of these works are very large, eight feet by five feet, and are shown to great advantage in the Griffin’s vast, barn-like gallery, with enough space around them to permit an august view.