John Swope/Don Sorenson/Woods Davy

Craig Krull Gallery
Berman/Turner Projects

The merciless exactitude of John Swope’s photographs is entirely self-sufficient and beyond all problems of expression. Stieglitz developed a lever of perspective to move an opera house, Swope devised a method of elucidating light.


Don Sorenson saw the saddle of Einstein’s universe as a technique of visual representation, which is why the paintings in this retrospective resemble Albers’ Constellations somehow. Perhaps put less simply, the curve is educed from strait lineation in a manner of painting akin to Ed Moses’ at the time, and a pliable sense of the grid associated with Jasper Johns on Beckett.


Woods Davy has become a genius. His careful drilling and joining of stones that float in air like Magritte’s castle now adopts a pose, an articulation as subtle as Laurens or Giacometti or the wind.

John Swope
Barren Tree in Winter
7 x 5  inches
c. 1940

Woods Davy
81 X 38 X 32 inches

Don Sorenson
acrylic on canvas
95 x 57 inches