Pablo Picasso: Works on Paper from the Grunwald Center Collection
Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center

Góngora. His portrait as a serious literary man. Texts, written out in the Spanish literary way a little like Dali. Faces of beautiful women so bounteous (in the Déjeuner sur l’herbe variations) the face merely presides over a débâcle, the men grinning at their luncheon companions.

Translation is like another way of thinking, no, any thought is an assemblage of forms, the balance of the time spent (organization in any whole is curry-combing the pony).

The artist and his model. Impossibility of tradition, the scornful look of disdain or rather remoteness is included in the transaction, or the vividness of acquisition, or the free space between the two engaged by the work.

The minutiæ of the bullfight.

Pablo Picasso
Sculpteur et son modèle devant une fenêtre
from the Vollard Suite
March 31, 1933