Acting: The First Six Lessons
Richard Boleslavsky (Routledge)


That is why the Irish policeman is the best policeman in the world. He never sleeps on duty. He dreams wide awake. And the gangster has little chance. (p. 27)

To imitate is wrong. To create is right. (p. 35)

The only real rules in art are the rules that we discover for ourselves. (p. 50)

The Creature: Where does the author appear on the scene?
I: He is the sap that flows and feeds the whole.
(pp. 56-57)

Jaques-Dalcroze told me a great deal about Rhythm in Music and in Dancing, two arts in which it is the essential and vital element. I found a book on Rhythm in Architecture; it is not translated into English. Those were the only two reliable and practical guides to that great element of every art. Critics occasionally mention rhythm in painting and sculpture, but I have never heard it explained. In the theatre the mechanical word “Tempo” is substituted, but it has nothing to do with Rhythm. (p. 125)