Helen Lundeberg Painting III

Infinite Distance: Architectural Compositions by Helen Lundeberg
Louis Stern Fine Arts

A more mysterious painter than her bright enigmas would suggest. Silent rooms, obscure mirrors (a speaking silence, an insinuating reflection), an empty canvas with her bonnet left behind on one corner in a picture of the seaside, the perspectiveless divisions of Feitelson.


A desert view, John Ford’s in The Searchers. A tower just ornate enough to suggest an affinity with the horizon, where a simple rhythm is suggested. Which makes possible the later landscapes without a road, seascapes.


A house, a road, sufficient geometry. Arches cognate with forests, doorways and keyhole vistas. The blue and red of the dying day at the threshold, kept after dark.


Two pears and a cup on the porch against the desert, a picture with variations.

Helen Lundeberg
acrylic on canvas
60 x 40 inches


Helen Lundeberg
Winter Sun
oil on canvas
20 x 24 inches