Tom Wesselmann

Forum Gallery

Tom Wesselmann
Bathtub Nude Drawings
pencil on paper
10 x 11 inches

The model is drawn from life, apparently (Bathtub Nude Drawings, 1964). The inspiration might have come from Jean Peters in Pickup On South Street.

Tom Wesselmann
Study for Bedroom Painting #73
colored pencil on tracing paper
5⅛ x 3⅜ inches

Geometrical color forms dominate the work essentially, with a graphical component (Study for Bedroom Painting #73, 1983). Among other things, later on there is a regularization of line as color (Nude with Bouquet and Stockings, 1991).

Tom Wesselmann
Nude with Bouquet and Stockings
silkscreen on paper
80 x 44 inches

“My house is a house of pleasure,” says Gauguin.