Hans Richter: Encounters
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Hans Richter
Stalingrad (Victory in the East)
preparatory sketch
tempera. newspaper


Hans Richter
Dragonfly (Counterpoint in Red, Black, Gray, and White)
oil on canvas


A German with his feet on the ground, as Kipling says of the English, not imposed upon in the Great War by bullocks and swine, an excellent painter just as painting goes through the eye of a needle after Cézanne.

You see him in his crowd, a failing at LACMA, another is to treat films as wall decorations when they are needed for the work (and digital reproductions are at best only that).

Nevertheless, the triumphant abstraction (passing amongst Dada and Surrealism and Suprematism), the filmic numbers, the great Dragonfly (with preparatory sketch) and the layout of Stalingrad, to see the working method.

Computations on “stock-market metals” in later years, a small theater for Dreams That Money Can Buy, Duchamp’s Box in a Valise, an array of photographers, Richter the great illuminator of the modern world in shapes and lines.