Helen Lundeberg Painting I

Los Angeles Art Association/Tobey C. Moss Gallery




These arches and lines figure out colors on their own. The old lady of the Los Angeles Art Association was a figure to be contended with, sitting on the modest wall of the Leo S. Bing Theater in alabaster and orange etched plainly on fine paper, or dissecting space at the Municipal Art Gallery in oils of color bands. Her Ardmore home is now a complex.

Helen Lundeberg
acrylic on canvas
50 x 50"

She sees it as a set of formal problems to be raised and articulated, thusly. So you get a limited range of formal orders in a given stance: a simple contrast, planar volutes, color modulation, voilą. A Road, a Sunny Corridor, Waterways...

The Poet's Road

For proof she sets herself to Lorser Feitelson's problem of formality itself, the knife-edge of reality vs. potentiality. It's there, in simple permutations, overcoming the formal problems by graduated reduction, counting down on one's fingers from the nascences of structure to the vanishments of nature.

Arches I