Oskar Fischinger I

 Jack Rutberg Fine Arts


Circles in Circle

Circles in Circle, oil on masonite, stereo painting, 12 x 12" each, 1949

The problem with Fischinger is that he has not been looked at.  This centennial exhibition offered a chance to remedy the problem.  Works from the '20's and '30's display the master hand seen in his films.  Later works subsume hand and eye into architecture.  The extraordinary Small Wave (1940) is a marvel among masterpieces.

The close kinship with Albers and Klee and Ernst is evident.  From early Abstractions to later color studies at the core of Southwestern painting, Oskar Fischinger's work is consistent and of great significance.  Works from the end of the '30's like Musical Notes and Sound and Passing are cellular identities later reconsidered as such, in the manner of Magritte's Classical Surrealism or Fischinger's own cinema.

Again, it will be noted that Fischinger's work at MGM was subtly repaid with a major derivation from some 1940 Abstractions (and from films made still earlier) in the well-known Star Gate sequence of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, released a year after Fischinger's death.



Squares (2658), pencil and tempera on paper, 10 x 12”, 1934