Lee Krasner

Tasende Gallery

Oils and collages of the Fifties and Sixties: this is a painter of mammoth Wyeth-hued compositions color-abstracted, as of weird ventures in manipulating rouge, orange and pink. Color fields (as, to say what must be said, quanta in a framework) assemble themselves sketch-like to the statutory limit et voilà. Traces of mélange filter best of brand micro-collages within severe, hard abstract materials within pungently-described titles. Here is the steel wit of Beverly Pepper, Clyfford Still's absolutions of color, prodigious architectonics and spectacular painting, quietly pursued. Furious winters, deceptive springs; the way to paint is not to paint at all but to construct by painting what it is you want to paint in the way one paints.

City Verticals
oil & collage on board