Liam Jones Constructions



Construction #11
acrylic on panel
24 x 36"

If you paint a panel with everything but the frame of a house under construction, so that it appears as the grain of the wood, surrounded by pale greens and blacks of the landscape with outlines of verdure, you have these acrylics.  They are a reminder of the childish pleasure we had amongst the tract homes of suburbia, with something of the perennial joy we lost when a gigantic downtown excavation turned into the Edward O. Roybal Federal Building, which was evidently designed on a PC.

These are formal planes of architectural rendering laid out in colors as expressively as anything else could be.  Subdued as non-jewels, they are filleted by the beams in tight rhythms running across the panels, and more accentuated by eaves and shrubs and this and that.  As they are numbered only, let's say that some are very large (4 x 6') and very grand, and others are small (1 x 2') to the point of miniaturization.

They show that, if you drag yourself from one grad co-op gallery to the next, from Chung King Road to The Brewery, you will find at length something worth looking at.