Alicia Beach—Steven Criqui

Susanne Vielmetter—Lemon Sky

Alicia Beach takes the primary development of color for granted, puts it on laths in simple patterns, and gives you a festive flash that is exhaustive and refreshing by dint of a profound, underlying harmony.

There have been other attempts, but Criqui is the first artist to have realized the many implications of Rauschenberg's graphic work, and found himself able to take cognizance of the fact with the requisite good grace. These large printed "paintings" are attempts to see Los Angeles, a rather obscure city nowadays, by filtering it through digital photography, collage, laser-printing, painting and God knows what else. There's a light, satirical Úlan structurally associated with Eric Fischl, and all the weight is carried by verisimilitudinous images and dissipated through the maze of "fakery" in the technique.

Alicia Beach, "The Glacier Between Us"

Steven Criqui, "Untitled (Day Church)"