Victor Hugo Zayas at Eye of the Eagle Gallery

Pacific Design Center



The man's name sparkles with gems, first the author and Assemblyman who saved Our Lady from demolition by writing The Wretched, then the comedian named after The Wise.

The brush is charged an inch thick and scrawls straight along the line of perception and stops, detached, over and over again, until a very satisfying proportional representation is reached.  You can't doubt that.  Spindly drawings on Mylar sketch out this or that block in this city.  Disney Music Hall is a pile of russet beams.  743 Santee is a superstructure of lights and asphalt by Matta.

The city in sunlight is marked by divine carelessness.  Somewhere in the middle distance, between Juno's filigree and markings on a map, the tenuous revelations of a place.

Zayas has a studio at the Brewery, that perennial warren of dullness which this spring has been shown well ahead of its time.