` Hisashi Nakagawa in L.A.

Hisashi Nakagawa in L.A.

LA Artcore Brewery Annex



If you say Mondrian to Nakagawa, he’ll say Rothko and a list of quite a few others.  Ron Davis and Sam Francis spring to mind, one for the orderly disposition of color, one for the splashes and variety.


Nakagawa sometimes exhibits on long scrolls that fill a room, but here in Los Angeles he gives you wall hangings that have a more Western feeling.  The point, and I hope I’ve whetted your appetite for it, is the cool arrangement of all the forces at hand to get a great synchromy of deep variations, as fertile as can be, and at the same time have a surface as casual and elegant as a kimono.



Q-96-1-D, paper and acrylic on cotton, 190 x 183.5cm, 1996