Burkhardt’s Basel

Jack Rutberg Fine Arts



Hans Burkhardt
oil on canvas
32 x 42"

It appears to be a still life on a table built up out of the background into astonishing thicknesses of paint to convey a plastic notion, or set of notions.


Several of the elements are mirrored in an acrylic sketch on paper by Herbert Creecy—a curious coincidence which has no significance whatsoever, except that one might have seen or imagined the other.



Hans Burkhardt
One Way Road
oil on canvas
22 x 31"

Amid the screeching Los Angeles chatter, there is Burkhardt, who is a democrat. Nobody in a quandary gets direct support instantaneously. Hitler in 1939, the blacklist in ’45, bring out the painter’s arm.


He did not brook the wastrels of Vietnam, nor the salesmen of Desert Storm.


And, very naturally as you will observe, he was not looked on kindly in Los Angeles, where he was ahead of everyone else, just keeping on his toes.