Gradus ad Parnassum

Ed & Andy Moses at Double Vision Gallery

The Way of Life suspends dichotomies. What care he, the buffalo-driver, if thou ponderest the wickedest recesses of the innermost soul, or go for the big picture?

Diagonal as diabolus? North by Northwest has a singular perspective on such an asseveration; also Ed Moses. Line segments postulated brusquely in successive planes, encountering fervent masses glittering like obsidian, for all the world like an homage to Jasper Johns’ Fizzles after Beckett.

Adjuncts are to this purpose. You have to add frames, buffer zones around the work. This is always a good idea when big thinkers are on the march (little sitters move big feet en masse), and when the New York art gal out West wonders what to make of it all, you just tell her off.

Ed Moses
Venetian 4
acrylic on canvas
72 x 60"

Ed Moses
Chinese Painting 1

The world as eloquent. Turn the telescope that’s orbiting (polar, geosynchronous or mappamundo) out the other way, contemplate the cosmos like Polanski’s Chinaman.

Say rather Andy Moses turns his back on Laddie John Dill.

Andy Moses
Daze of Future Past
acrylic on canvas
18 x 24"