I-5 Gallery

There’s a photograph by Stieglitz of an opera house that finds a lever of perspective capable of dissolving its perfect mass into energy. “Focus,” he said, “is inessential.”

Pro-Am shoots view life and the métier with “the passion of the scientist.” Zoom is a good example. Abundant focus and anecdote stipulate the inactivity of Downtown, where the more beautiful a building is, the more likely it is to be vacant.

Nonetheless, there are photographers working with “the precision of the artist.” Yoshi Hashimoto takes emblematic pictures of a flower, say, diffusing its essence in snow-on-charcoal tones but secure as a mon.

Liza Hennessey Botkin snaps in monochrome a squat lady on a cylindrical stool at a shopping mall computer stand under a zippy monitor and gives it a title: I Am Woman.

For color, that dimension ignored by museumists with platinum prints in slipcases, Heather Lowe dispenses a seaside view of a pole adorned with sail-like extensions, viewed in a stereoscope elegantly mounted on a tripod: Death of Dracula’s Bride.


Yoshi Hashimoto
Hana #19
16 x 20"

Heather Lowe
Death of Dracula's Bride
stereo card
altered stereograph

Liza Hennessey Botkin
I Am Woman
16 x 20"