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bomb (embarras de richesses the honorable)

hear him for his word unto
men his unfriendliness
and unkindliness etc.
how he rants and raves his
crankinesses as for example

erotema why bother all the time of day
it's night the orange lights keep gleam
of noon in the abandoned stockyards
up in the loft or basementing on wheels
on wheels on wheels on wheels on wheels

you can't watch the news anymore
first your pleasures are proscribed
then you by the unseen hand
in the back room working keys
the fourflushers out front discern

his sterile park beguiles away all time
he said is wasted
therefore look ye to it
and the mock-Discobolus out front
and all the gimcrack architecture round
the frozen city subject of Korngold

"Bat" Masterson used to say
you've got to come to New York son
to sell your wares because
they'll buy any goddamned hokum at all
there you just name your price