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the limits of knowledge (au libraire)

the limits of knowledge were which He has given
to us and all of them specialized once
now differentiate and sparkle in the sunlight
they have file names in code believe me too
Inchoate is one Mary too and Easter oh
the Trinity and Donut Shops some more
and Freckle-faced and essentially all that
stuff and Whores and Furious and Fuming

it could have gotten so much worse
than reprimand and then again it could
have wandered over a degree or two more
and opened the window but it did
neither of those two precious alternatives
but sat there like Athena's twat and shat

the farmer reviewed his boughs and forgot
to tell me whatever he had meant to say
but I had forgiven him the story goes he told me
how his piles of oranges and seven different apples
piled high in the market worried him so much
he tolerated much of sleep no more I queried him
oh farmer how with thee is it not so bad he said
I care not for the wind and care not thusly