the poet laureate


it was the Plathest of winters

blinding Frost although a hat

was extended to occlude the glare


God damn poets said the new guy

of Lowell when he turned his nose up

at the prize or goddamned poet look it up


you see the window that one there in the Capitol dome

well there’s my office I’m the guy who serves

this particular task for a Twain of my years


it’s not hard to make the gabble of Republicans and Democrats

come out clean you sift it down and pass it around

till everyone gets a share of what they say in Congress


where you want to watch it why there’s my train

I’ll catch up with you later that’s with officials

oh they’re a lying bunch for sure almost like poets


the cricket who slips in and chirps makes a sound

that’s all or very nearly all or nearly nothing

at all events it’s more like a cricket than they’re like statesmen


by and large and you’re a fan of Mr. Dooley are you

I remember what he said once he was funny

‘twill civilize thChinnymen oh ‘twill civilize thim stiff