the bombinating quincunx


 April of a June May
and the wind raucous
and the frogs' caucus
a-lee of the bay

cold questing of it then
bitter if later another
chapiter of some other
sequence bravely Wen

abandoned etc. forsook
and all his enemies
fervently like anomies
dispiriting or Hook

or Cook the travels long
and the breadfruits water-cast
received at last
at the mouth of a billabong

as a rainy gulch hot-dries
to fennel of lewd properties
among the eucalyptus trees
full of bums and butterflies

this discourse of a Sunday ale
tetchy beside the waters
like unto the daughters
gathering sand in a pail

before we leave the blue sky
sundogging in one corner
sit we down like Little Jack Horner
for the plum o' the pie

wherefore does the orchard garner
strength in winter
or the tinter
pixilate the brothers Warner?

for that the crashing sea
may not know and gloat
to hear its single note
under the tempest's fury