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far from your eyes Madam by cares
imperious (I call the gods to witness)
I languish and die as I am wont
in such cases and go heart full of bitterness
through frets where your shade pursues me
by day in my thought by night my dreams
and night and day adorable Madam
so much so that my body giving way to my soul
I shall be a phantom in my turn as well
and thus amid the lamentable stir
of vain embrace and numberless desire
my shade shall merge forever with yours
till then I am dearest your servant
does all go well with you there
your budgie cat and dog the company
are they fine and that Silvania
whose black eyes I would have loved save yours were blue
and who sometimes gave me signs i'faith
Madam an impatient project haunts me
to conquer the world and all its wealth to
lay at your feet this token unworthy of a love
the equal of the brightest flames
of great hearts illuminating darkness
Cleopatra was less loved I swear
by Mark Anthony and Caesar than you by me
have no fear Madam I can fight
like Caesar for a smile o Cleopatra
and like Anthony flee for the price of a kiss
on this dearest adieu for I've said too much
and the time one loses reading letters
is never worth the pain of writing them