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we were dupes you and I
of mutual machinations
Madam put up to it by the blaze
of summer in our brains
springtime having rather
contributed if my memory
is good to spoiling our play
but how much less darksome!
for in spring the air's so fresh
that in brief the nascent roses
Love seems expressly to ope
have nearly innocent scents
and even though the lilacs
let out their pepper breath
in the ardor of the new sun
that most relaxed stimulant
zephyrs blow so mockingly
dispersing the aphrodisiac
effluvium that the heart
idles and the mind vacations
and tantalized the five senses
sit down to the feast
but alone entirely alone and without
the crisis going to our head
that was the time under clear skies
you remember Madam?
of superficial kisses
and feelings just touching the soul
exempt from foolish passions
filled with kind benevolence
like any two we had a ball
unenthusiastic and painless!
happy moments then summer came!
farewell refreshing breezes
a wind of heavy pleasure
besieged our surprised souls
calyxes of vermilion flowers
flung us their ripe odors
and bad counsel everywhere
fell on us from the branches
we gave in to all that
and that was a really ridiculous
vertigo that panicked us
all through the dog days
laughter of birds tears without reason
hands squeezed indefinitely
sweaty blues swoons
and what vagueness in our thought!
autumn happily with
its cold light and rude north winds
came to rid us short and sweet
of our bad habits
and brusquely led us into
the elegance besought
of every irreproachable lover
and every worthy belovéd...
now it is winter Madam and our
bettors tremble for their purse
and already the other sleighs
dare to race with us
with both hands in your muff
sit up straight on your seat
and let us hie soon we shall have
flowers whatever the cackling!